Welcome to Camfectcoin,

We hope you stay.

What is CAMC ?

CAMC is a reward token to enjoy the freedom that provide in our resorts’ partners globally. The goal of this project is tokens that can be exchanged with various stay, food and beverage in real physical resorts. Our first resort is in Kompot, Cambodia.

CAMC also can stand for “Resorts in Crypto”. Our team is working on to make sure that CAMC can be utilised in the real world for relaxation and enjoyment.

What makes CAMC Unique?

CAMC always can be used as reward token to fully book in our resorts’ partners and real estate project in coming year. Booking in our resorts won’t be enough to give a great benefits to the owners unless they can spend on food, beverage and many attraction that provided by the resorts.

CAMC is your ticket to get away from the crowd and enjoy our physical resorts with your token. Many people say we are living in the virtual world and it is not going to benefit the CAMC buyers. In conclusion, we choose to bridge the physical resorts with virtual world of blockchain.

CAMC is backed by Physical RESORTS.

Who is our founder?

Camfectcoin [CAMC] is taken over by Camfect Co, LTD., an investment firm that Social Media invested in technology and blockchain projects. Its registers office is in Cambodia.

We also have our representative office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to support the global cryptopreneurs who want to come and enjoy here with us.